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How to Hug - 9th April

Hebden Bridge

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How do we step gently back into connection?
What's it like to be in a group?
How do we hug?

This short workshop is a therapist led opportunity to explore connection in a small group. You'll be invited to take part in structures designed to build a sense of safety and move gradually towards a hug.

The pandemic has fundamentally altered our relationship to personal space and social interaction. Circumstances have been different for us all, but a common thread is that face to face interaction, casual touch or hugs have been limited or impossible.

Based on Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent and a polyvagal understanding of the autonomic nervous system, we'll tune into our embodied sense of what's right for us in this moment. You'll be supported to go at your own pace and stay with your changing flow of yes and no.

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This is a Queer and inclusive space. It's queer-centric and trans led, but open to anyone who feels drawn to attend. Reduced price places are available if cost is a barrier, prioritising BIPOC and those with disabilities.
My work is trauma informed and supportive of neurodiversity. All venues are wheelchair accessible. Please get in touch to ask about any accessibility requirements.

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