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Coming Home - a weekend workshop
"We all have a home in a ventral vagal state of safety and connection" Deb Dana

Upcoming dates:

Manchester 21st - 22nd September

Online - no dates planned, get in touch to be the first to know!

Coming Home is an course on mapping, navigating and shaping your autonomic nervous system.. You'll be led through structures to map your own system and learn to recognise states of protection and connection. We'll adventure together through your inner landscape, find the ways to navigate and the paths that lead you home.
What is the autonomic nervous system?

We all have an autonomic nervous system. It operates mostly below the level of conscious awareness, constantly asking the question, am I safe? If there are cues of safety we feel secure and connected, sure of ourselves, calm and grounded, able to make decisions and manage our lives. If there are cues of danger, the nervous system takes us into a state of protection. This might be a high energy state of anxiety, sympathetic arousal, overthinking and urgency where we feel the need to move. It might be a dark, frozen place of stillness, immobility and silence, a dorsal vagal state of shutdown. 

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Why learn about it?

This system is always working in service of our survival. We can't stop it, and we don't want to, but we can learn to become active operators. We can learn to track our state, notice where our biology has taken us, and regulate our system.
We can understand why we react or overreact to some situations. We can find ways to calm and manage the system which throws us into panic or makes us lose our words at the worst moments.
We can learn why some situations touch and awaken old pain, and how to manage the cues of safety and danger that our system is searching for.

What will we do?

We'll work together as a small group (12 participants maximum) on Zoom over eight weeks, or in person over a weekend. You'll be led through a series of structures designed to help you map your own system and discover your own cues of safety and danger, and how to regulate your system. There will be taught sections, lots of space for discussion and feedback as a group, and a workbook to accompany the course. You'll fill this in during and between sessions to create a user manual for your autonomic nervous system, a record of the tools you've learned that support you.
At the end of the course you'll have a clear understanding of how your biology affects your mood, emotions and ability to function and connect. You'll have a tool kit of strategies to regulate and shape your system, and you'll know the way home to a ventral vagal state of calm and contented safety.

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Coming Home is an in person workshop offered over a weekend in  Salford in Manchester on 21st and 22nd September. Tickets are £200 for the full weekend, or £180 before the end of July. If price is a barrier please get in touch, concession places are available once costs have been covered.

I'm excited to welcome Rose C Jiggens ( to the team as new Coming Home co-facilitator.

My work is trauma informed and welcoming of neurodiversity. Please get in touch to talk about any accessibility issues, including reduced price places. BIPOC, those with disabilities and other marginalised groups will be prioritised for concession places. The space is Queer centric and trans led but open to everyone.

Image by Shinzan Murray

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